2018 Funding Application


Documents necessary to apply for funding for the 2018 grant cycle are listed below. Please fully complete these documents and provide the requested attachments. As stewards of the community’s trust and contributions United Way volunteers carefully assess each agency and the programs using Quality Standards and their collective knowledge to determine whether an agency meets the criteria to be considered for funding. Community resources are extremely limited, grant awards will be very competitive as a result it is necessary that funds will be directed first towards programs that are specific to the community goals listed below:



·       Helping children and youth achieve their potential

·       Quality child care

·       School readiness

·       Academic Completion


·       Promoting Financial Stability and Independence

·       Maximized Income

·       Increasing families savings

·       Financial assets for long term stability


·       Improving people’s health

·       Preventative/everyday healthcare

·       healthier teens, drug-free within weight and reduced pregnancy rates


Programs working to impact Education receive the highest priority. We encourage you to develop or enhance programs that work within these building blocks of a good life for all and use those to submit to us for future consideration. Nationwide United Ways have aggressive 10 year goals to dramatically create real change in these areas. Our board of directors may still choose to direct some funding in traditional good quality programs that work in other areas and that are considered “safety net” programs, however we have already began to shift the majority of funding towards programs addressing these identified needs.



1.        Deadline for all application submissions is Friday, April 15, 2018.

2.        Citizen Review Panel Interviews will be held April 25 & 26.

3.        Agencies will be notified via email of their exact interview date and time. Tentatively interviews will be scheduled based upon the categories of community impact programs. This is subject to changed based upon the volume of applications received within each category.

4.        Funding decisions will be voted on by the UWSCI Board of Directors at the April board meeting.

5.        Agencies will be notified of funding decisions TBD.

6.        Agencies will receive the first of three (3) allocations payments in May, August and November. 


UWSCI is now functioning under a post-campaign allocations. Meaning that the funds that were raised in 2017 will be the funds that are distributed in 2018.


If you have questions or need further assistance please feel free to contact the United Way office at 242-8000.


Application Documents

Within the Program Application are detailed instructions on how to bundle the application.

Please provide a copy of all requested documents listed within the application checklist/application.



Step One: Complete your Application Checklist HERE.

Step Two: Submit your 2018 Program Funding Online HERE.

Step Three: Download and complete the Program Financial Summary HERE.  



Agencies Requesting Program Grant Funding

·       Antiterrorism Statement (1 signed original include with attachments) *Available within the online application

·       Community Impact Partnership Agreement (1 signed original include with attachments) *Available within the online application

·       2017 Year End Report (complete if a program was funded in 2014, provide 7 copies)


Agencies Requesting Affiliate (Nonfunding) Status (Please note: This is not available is as an online application.)

Affiliate Application – 1 original and 7 copies (Affiliate status is for agencies not requesting monetary grant funding but that want a UW partnership and stamp of approval)

Affiliate Agreement (1 signed original)


Informational Documents

These documents may assist you in understanding the policies, processes, and procedures of the United Way of South Central Illinois.

Priority funding is given to programs that operate and function under Outcomes Based Evaluation. Please give special attention to this area within your completed application. All goals and outcomes should tie back to one or more of the identified community sub goals under Education, Income and Health. Applications that do not have thoughtful and complete goals and outcomes for their programs will no longer be reviewed for funding. These goals and outcomes should be approved by your board of directors and are the driving force behind measuring the success of your programs.


·       UWSCI PrincipalsProcessPoliciesProcedures -

·       Basic Guide to Outcomes Measurement

·       Why Community Impact – This PowerPoint explains why UWSCI has made the move to community impact and outcomes based program funding.

·       QS Brochure – Quality Standards represent United Way’s value and belief system on how a quality nonprofit should operate. The values in this document will be used to as a basis to measure policies and operations of all United Way funded agencies requesting funding.